More Commuting, Photos from India

Monday May 30th, 2011

The fourth installment of images from my 2 week trip to Bangalore, India. The following were taken Tuesday November 9, 2010 (day 3).

Like I wrote in the last post, the majority of my first week of pictures were from the back of the taxi. Most of my coworkers used them as their standard transportation to and from work. No reason to drive yourself if one of the perks of employment was a paid taxi service.

Except for the first day, I had the same driver, Srinivas, for the whole the trip. He picked me up at 9am and dropped me at 10:30pm, everyday. Even though his English was pretty much non-existent (like my Kannada), we got pretty good at communicating. We both seemed to enjoy the challenge of trying to find simplistic words or symbols that were loaded enough to stand-in for elemental concepts we both, regardless of culture, understood. He was a really great source for insight into some of the things I was seeing from the backseat.

He wanted to make sure that before the end my trip I got a picture of him. When the time came, it was 4am and we were at the airport. I was stressed from functioning on 1 hour of sleep and didn’t have the energy to dig out my camera and snap one off. I’m sorry I didn’t.

  • “National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Insects” – to shorten it just say….

    “NBA – aiyee aiyee” with that little South American to it :-)

    Good snaps and nice humor to match…

  • ryanfitzer

    Thanks Tarence!