Pull 2008

After staring at it for a while I began to strip off all the attached pieces that were hooked onto each insulator. Little by little aranging them in ways that evoked a reaction in me that was greater than the sum of the parts.

Teapots Altered 2006

Although these are technically teapots, I am excited about their sculptural possibilities. My original inspiration came from the Philip Guston retrospective at the Fort Worth Modern in 2003.

Orange to Red 2006

Orange to Red is a repeating animation of a floating blob that throbs back and forth. Somewhat of a self portrait as I am prone to frequent headaches. The complementing colors are to intensify this feeling. The clean, clinical blue provides a striped down environment to the burning orange and red form.

Untitled Wall Prosthetic 2006

This work is a continuation of something I started a year ago. The main difference is that instead of being connected to the wall with lots of joint compound, this piece hangs on the wall.

Poured Works on Paper 2005

These drawings are the result of trying to escape the drawback of gravity that was inherent in the sculptural work I had been making. I also wanted to use as drawing materials, mediums that could be seen as addictive or overindulgent.

Walls Altered 2005

This installation represented the first non-ceramic work I’d ever exhibited. When I started the year-long residency program through the University of Texas at Dallas I was just out of graduate school and making ceramic sculpture. For the first six months of the residency I experimented with lots of different materials outside of clay with little success.

Pets 2005

Once I started to put these guys on the floor their concept really started to come to life . They became like little pets to me. Extensions of oneself that represent all of the little things that can take over one’s life, plopped on the floor and domesticated. And for the most part, that’s how I named them.

Graduate Thesis 2004

After my first semester in grad school I wanted to start exploring ideas that dealt with issues I felt more strongly about as opposed to the concept of functional vessels that I had been working with during my time as an undergraduate.