Not Going As Expected

Tuesday July 24th, 2007

The Teeth Pile

A few unsuccessful attempts. I actually think these are more interesting.

The formulation process has been a bust. So has the amount of time I’ve have been able to dedicate towards formulating (lots-o-changes around here). My original idea was pretty trite looking back. Very idea centric with no focus on the visual aspect. The two just haven’t communicated well. A big pile of teeth can also really conjure up relationships that have nothing to do with my idea and that has been troubling. It just can’t be ignored. Understanding this has proven to me that I’m not totally invested in the original concept. At this point, I am a bit embarrassed about it. Not a good starting place for something that takes so much energy to produce.

I’m working to erase my earlier assumptions so as to respond directly to what’s in front of me. Ultimately, and to which I reluctantly admit, form comes first for me. I say reluctantly because I’m not entirely comfortable with results that are purely form driven. Form can be the idea, but how those two connect is not something that I feel is easy to execute. So far, I’ve found it either works or it doesn’t. But then again, coming at it strictly from the conceptual side hasn’t been bulletproof either.


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