Casting the Teeth

Tuesday May 29th, 2007


Freshly Casted Arches

Spent most of the weekend being a slave to a little kitchen timer. I have to tend to the mold so often during each cast (3-4 times each hour, per set) that I had to buy a kitchen timer to remind me to execute the next step. I have a few that casted solid as a result of not setting the timer.

I have 17 sets of teeth now and no idea how I’m going to finish them. When the project was in my head it all made sense. Now that I’m actually moving forward on the piece I’m having to rethink everything I originally decided. A lot of what sounded great in my head falls flat when I have real materials sitting in front of me. I’m just going to keep casting until I fill all the Tupperware containers and use the time to formulate my ideas.


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