Morning Work

Thursday January 26th, 2006

Morning work in progress

I love sexy pics of a works in progress! I took this yesterday morning before I went to work. I love peeking in on my works in progress every so often. Sorta like a new parent. Sometimes the process is more exciting than the finish. It’s really more of a suspense issue for me. I just never know if it will work. And there are consequences when a piece fails. They may be self-imposed, but just as serious none the less.

I’m working towards a method that does not require me to kill a wall to install this type of work. Holding my breath for a space to install works like these can make an artist a little blue. And trying to convince the coordinator of that space that I have the wall’s best interests in mind is futile.


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  • Becky Fitzer

    I really think this is pretty interesting looking. Looks like something on the moon (that mountain that looks like a face).

  • Anonymous

    Hey, looks pretty damn cool to me. This is your friend who brings “joy” to your life (hint hint). Will you please call me soon? I miss you!