The Ram Sees All
Peace and Ice Cream
Venice Cops Ticketing the Car Next to Mine
Looking East from Eve's Roof
Department of Water & Power
Dancin' Man
Photographer Bill Cunningham and Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan
Me and Elizabeth
Janet and Elizabeth
Nattida, Elizabeth and Emily
Vlad and Dana
Elizabeth, Nattida, Emily and Travis at Sheila's Halloween Party
Night, Night (Almost)
Tree Limb
The Dover
I Don't Remember Being this Short
Hamming it Up for the Camera
Hippies Use Back Door
Pizza Party
Always Behind the Metro
Really? Tree Trunk too Hard?
Multiple Levels
Reluctant Sappho
LA Municipal Building
Downtown Dinner
He Didn't Even Check It
But it's Not Free
That's Better
Hey You
Tree at the Santa Monica DMV
My Favorite LAX Tunnel
Chris and Elizabeth
Driving through Texas at Sunset
Slideroom's Driveway
Constructing Dallas's Museum Tower
Dee and Charles Wyly Theater
Dallas Sheraton
Dallas Arts District
Action Greg
Creepy Group Shot at the Bowling Alley
Stacy and Jeremy
Starting a Little Collection
Not in Focus but I Like It