Famous Julius Shulman Photograph

Every time I show this famous photo by Julius Shulman I always expect the response “Oh yeeeeeeah, I’ve seen that a million times”. I have yet to get that response out here in LA (where the house is located).

Besides its prevalence during my art schooling, my mother had a few art books around the house that always employed this photo to represent modernism in architecture. It just became hard-wired into my brain and I thought the same for others.

This came to mind while explaining to a friend how E and I went on a hunt to find the house. Unfortunately, it is on a private drive in the Hollywood hills. After confronting the gate and going back and forth on the decision to jump the fence (in which my better judgment won out…), we drove around to see if we could get any sort of view. We did. It was the bottom of the corner of the house that hangs over the hill (the focus of the photo). There is a little cul-de-sac just below it where I was psyched (pitifully enough) that I was able to see even that much. While E sat in the truck and indulged me, I stood at the bottom of the hill and stared up at the little chunk of history.

They offer tours now but the idea just doesn’t strike me as exciting as just walking into the backyard at night (albeit, trespassing).

The photo’s back story


Last Night’s Dream

I had a dream last night that I went back in time to the 50’s. It was all mostly based on Michael J. Fox’s experiences in Back to the Future. The main differences were that I was still in LA (and it was just as dirty), my cell phone was transformed into a kids space-age (for the 50’s) toy and instead of a skateboard, I had to use a couch pillow (no, it didn’t float and I ruined it on my first ride).

The only reason I’m explaining this is because when I opened my feed reader this morning this picture from Shorpy came up. Coincidence?

Wildfires in Southern California – The Big Picture

Wildfires in Southern California – The Big Picture – Boston.com. Great photos (as always) on the fires that are raging so close to where I live. On my way home at night I can see the mountains ablaze. Looks like lava flowing from a volcano.

Instructional Video on the Differential

I could watch videos like this all day, instructional video on the Differential. Just as clear as the one on how a watch movement works.


shitmydadsays Hilarious!

Long Ride

I rode my bike to work today. I was really hard and I still have to ride home. 25 miles in total.

Update: I made it home. I could barely walk up the front steps. I had gone back and forth throughout the day on whether I was going to call E and have her pick me up. The ride home was a little easier as the wind was at our backs.

I had been wanting to do this when I first moved to Los Angeles but was too daunted by the distance. I met a recently hired coworker, Giselle, who was making the trip 2-3 times a week. She was nice enough to let me ride with her. She had to stop and wait for me to catch up a couple of times but for the most part I kept pace. I’m definitely doing this more often.

Eventually I might have to get a road bike. The massive tires on my mountain bike provide a lot of drag.

Off to Sequoia

We bought our first tent and we’re breaking it in at Sequoia National Park this weekend. The only thing I’m not excited about are the bears. I’m scared of bears.

Joni Mitchell-California (BBC)

Joni Mitchell-California (BBC).

I first saw this via Dennis Hollingsworth and it has really stuck in my head. I like living here. A lot of things have really clicked in the past 2 years (and of course, a few things haven’t). The light is the biggest draw for me. David Hockney pretty much captures it the best. I try as well.

Letter from London: Peyton for Godot

“Ever seen Elizabeth Peyton and Sasha Baron Cohen in the same room together?”

Ben Street, always a great read.

Letter from London: Peyton for Godot | Art21 Blog.

Walking In Los Angeles – Kate Micucci

Great short with a sweet little diddy.

YouTube – Walking In Los Angeles – Kate Micucci