Girl with Green Cast
Man with Red Cast
Girl in Laundromat
Building with Cylinder
He Doesn't Remember
Two Girls with Dyed Hair
Making Their Way Through the Crowd
Chinatown Fruit Stand
Poor Little Duckers
Composing Her Shot
Oklahoma Loves You
9/11 Memorial at St. Paul's Chapel
Looking Towards the World Trade Center
South Dakota Flippin' Rocks
Blowup Elephant
Little Naomi Cones
Cooling Off at the NY Public Library
Across the Street from the Empire State Building
Killer Aim
Me Carving at Colerain
Troy Carving at Colerain
NAOMI!!!!!!! Cones. Disregard the Weird Night Camera.
Talking About Doulas and that  "You Want a Doula"
Oddly Depressing
Continental Breakfast
Some Little Guy's Pad at the Aquarium in Golden Gate Park
My Feet are even Uglier Under Water
The Brood
On the Studio Roof with E and Greg
The Light is Getting Crisp
The 10 and La Cienega
Elevator at the Airport Parking Garage
Brenda, Elizabeth and Isabelle
My Two Charges, Natalie and Andrea
Getting Reading for DisneyLand
Popcorn Ceiling vs. Shower Rod
This on a Chair with Me In It Would be Nice
International Silks & Woolens
Biggie's on a Box
Got a Ticket for a Broken Tail Light
Couldn't Resist
Simple and Attractive
A Pink Sunset at Hennepin and 3rd
Back in Minneapolis
Waiting at 1st and Vermont While the Sun Sets
Back in Dallas