Never Buy a Tool You Don’t Need

Tuesday March 8th, 2011

I’ve eventually found a use for twitter.

I like to share links via Google Reader, but it’s mostly with just a few¬†people as I’m really sensitive to noise in my feeds (what a statement…). Anyway, I’ve begun the sharing @ryanfitzer.

Actually, I started @rpfdev last fall with a web development focus. It’s been really useful. Some things just don’t show up on blogs.

And, as for the separate accounts, as my good friend Rick observed so long ago, “You like to keep things in separate little boxes”. More true than ever.

Also, while working a million hours day and night at my day-job and one freelance project, I do have grand plans for an upgrade to this site. The front page already has a finished psd just waiting to be coded.

P.S. @rpfdev compliments my web development focused site,, if you have such leanings.

  • Hello Ryan –
    Long time…I’ve enjoyed revisiting your site, comments and images. I remember Rick telling you that, back at EUP. Still have some of your beautiful work around my house and in the studio. Many thanks to your friendship and insights over the years. I hope you are well, my fiend.