CWLD: Investigation

Saturday January 8th, 2011

I am starting a collection of words for later disuse in talking and writing about art (CWLD). This is not meant as a passive-aggressive jab at others, but a way to call attention to words I find have simply lost any contextual meaning in writing on art. I also need an outlet to bitch instead of using Elizabeth as my sounding board.

Besides sounding clinical and detached, it fails to accept, or add, any context from, or to, the words and ideas in its periphery. While describing a work, or an idea, as “an investigation” is technically valid, it makes the description just that, technical.
  • Haha, here are a few more that make me instantly turn off, when used to talk about Art (particularly one’s own art).

    – Rigorous
    – Disjunctive
    – Interstitial
    – Quotidian
    – Deconstruct
    – Critique (social)

  • is it to late to join in? I hate the word notion! and ontological!