My Starting Point

Friday December 3rd, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve been to my studio. But I am now on a month-long vacation and I have big plans.

Along with the photo compositing I wrote about earlier, I’ll be working on a series of works on paper. Here is one that has been ongoing for a long time now.

And a little process.

I’ll also get the rest of the India photos posted as my responsibilities start to unwind.

  • LOVE that bottom image.

  • ryanfitzer

    Thanks. I need to replace out these images though. I shot them with my iPhone and tried to make them presentable in Photoshop’s shitty iPhone app. I posted them from the studio, but now I can see how bad they look.

  • <3 the bottom image as well. i have an odd affinity with paint drips…

  • michael houses

    really like the top image.

  • Thanks god somebody likes the top one! Mike, you’re my favorite :)

  • michael houses

    lol…your a trip ryan. Nice images, a lot of your drawings reflect your ceramic pieces.