State of the Studio

Saturday February 13th, 2010

Still sketching. Trying to add more color. No idea will this is leading, if anywhere. I’ve realized that I don’t need to know, as long as I just keep making whatever it is I want to see. This way of thinking has helped me to relax and experiment more.

I’ve found that I like using very wet media. This line was made with a small rubber ear syringe with a inner tube needle inserted in the tip. I’ve used these a lot in the past, especially while making the wine and coffee drawings.

I made new tables! I love these suckers. So much space to spread things out. At some point I’ll write a how-to on making one. Pretty simple design and solid as a rock.

Thinking about the color I choose to photograph, I shot this on my way out of the studio the other night. The crack’s line quality also drew me in.

The building used to be an old Army Navy store.

  • Hey– I LOVE the tables.
    Nice old terrazzo floor too.
    Glad you are working more- the cracks-n-colors are nice–
    it all looks promising and true to Ryan. Keep going!