State of the Studio

Thursday December 10th, 2009


Ink on paper. These are moving in a good direction


Untitled and in-progress.


Plasticine moat filled with plaster.

The wax and twine moat busted. The wax pulled up from the surface for some reason. Maybe the cold. My studio has no heat and wax must not like 40° weather.

I’ve made another attempt. This time with plasticine. Never worked with it before so we’ll see. I’m also trying out plaster shapes on clayboard. I want to see what I can do with a simple raised surface.

While I feel like I’m going in a lot of different directions, I’m most likely not, but what I’m looking for is attachment. Attachment to a shape, color, mark, relationship. I’m trying to keep the side of me that over-thinks everything at bay so I can truly experiment.