Nice Surprise

Thursday December 31st, 2009

The surface of one of my studio tables

While trying to get some organization and cleanliness to the studio I noticed an interesting intersection of a few attempted drawings. Often, the liquid I pour looks to escape it’s drawing surface (usually paper) and blaze a slow and disheartening trail across my table. The above image is evidence that this can sometimes be a good thing.

In most cases I do a single pour and leave it at that, but after multiple floods, I see the result has a more layered, intricate and detailed composition. I need to be more controlled about where and when I pour so as to be open to adding more, if needed.

As I write this I’m wondering what my fascination is with the effects of poured liquid on paper. I’m going to think on that more.

Anyway, today I’m buying wood for 2 new studio tables. The current tables, the first, made over 10 years ago from recycled wood and sitting atop wheels from a mainframe computer (which I found in a dumpster) and the other, a door on plastic saw horses, have reached their limit. I’m pretty excited as I’m building out of necessity instead of habit.

In the past I would totally outfit my studio before any work was made, spending a lot of time getting it just right and not making any work until it was. Since moving to Los Angeles, and having such a hard time finding affordable space, all I simply¬†wanted to do was make work. That changed this week when the current setup started to get in the way. That’s what I’m doing today. I’ll post some images soon.