Tuesday June 2nd, 2009


Not much to say except that I’m taking a slower, more layered approach to these drawings. Trying to build up the image over a longer period of time. I also painted over the last one. I have a clearer idea (although, it’s still pretty fuzzy) for them.

I’m trying to post more. I don’t always have much to write (or show), so I think I’m going to borrow a theme from Dennis Hollingsworth and simply post state-of-the-studio images here and there. He pieces his together way cooler though.

  • I like this … love big pics of studio and artwork. I also like giving things “Time” …. so rare these days.

  • ryanfitzer

    Yeah, taking time is rare for me when comes to drawing because drawing has the ability to be so immediate. You make a mark, and a mark shows up. Making a mark that is the culmination of many marks is very different.

    It becomes a very slippery slope, even more so when I don’t have a set of processes to build a drawing. I’m just beginning to figure those out by trial an error.