State of the Studio

Sunday June 7th, 2009

Work Table

Layering an old saw handle with salt.

I’m dipping and coating things. Salt builds up a nice surface. On the right are a few small samples using different glues, epoxy, spray adhesive and Elmer’s. The Elmer’s won out. It stays white. I want the coats to eventually change the form to where it’s unrecognizable. I’ve also thought about layering color into the coats.

I went to‚ Amoeba‚ Records for the first time on Friday. Huge place. Whenever I go to a new record store for the first time I get insecure because I don’t know where to find anything. I feel like a little kid during his first day at a new school.

The place is great. They have everything. Tons of used CD’s as well. I picked up a bunch of Frank Black and two performance CDs by Miranda July. I’m not sure when I’ll feel comfortable downloading music instead of buying on CD. Still doesn’t feel right.