Studio Rooftop View

Saturday January 24th, 2009


View of LA at night from the roof on my studio

Not much studio progress to speak of. I have a few things in-progress that are about halfway finished though.

CAA is coming to LA in February and I’m looking to get enough work done so I can have a little shindig at the studio where people can see some of the things I’ve been up to. Got a lot of work ahead of me. Nothing worse than going to an artist’s empty studio.

  • Beautiful image!

    I am curious if you feel your artistic interests have changed since you moved to LA. Your pictures are so great, I can’t help but to wonder if new work will also be a direct response to that place?

  • yes, we expect a party in LA when we arrive. Exactly the moment we arrive in fact. And we expect there to be artwork. I don’t know what lame-o’s website is holding you up this time…

  • ryanfitzer

    Chris: Not sure. I do know that my tastes are changing but I believe age to hold a larger influence than location. That’s a good question. I’ll think on it more.

  • ryanfitzer

    Krista: That’s the plan Stan! If I can just get a good 7 days in I’ll be able to make some progress on art.

  • sweet image!

    My vision is changing with age .