Parking Garage Painting and Other Thoughts

Saturday September 27th, 2008

Parking Garage Painting

Grabbed this while in the parking garage for the art store. Just going to the art store is the most arty thing I’ve done lately. Sadly, no big bodies of work to speak of yet. I’ve been spending all my time working at the day job (no choice on that one and I like the work) and the night job (more and more reluctantly).

I’ve come to some conclusions about how I’m spending my life and I’m taking steps to alter it to be more focused on what I really want (sounds generic, I know). Probably not very drastic by some people’s definition but it certainly is to me. I’ll write about them as things start to manifest and I have more understanding of their effects.

  • Beautiful picture! And like you tell me, don’t be too hard on yourself … one thing at a time.