No Time To Be Creative

Thursday August 14th, 2008

Drawing on Wireframe Document

This is the most creative thing I’ve done in the past 2 weeks. It is an illustration drawn for a coworker of a massage technique that bruised the shit out of my neck. My poor cat is having a really hard time since her surgery and I’ve been taking care of her full-time.

  • Nice form. Its amazing how we draw when we are thinking of something else, something real. It becomes so direct and unpredictable. Now, if we can just get into that same zone when making art, whew.

  • ryanfitzer

    I’m in full agreement.

  • Dude…that space is almost as beautiful as you…how are things going out there? Sounds busy. Sorry to hear about your cat, I hope all that works out ok (especially the poo part). I like the hp photo montage technique on you are employing with your recent pic posts, very nice. I’m going to give you a ring next week, I’m in Athens over the weekend for some clay crap. jesus h, I’m longing for a normal/somewhat intelligent conversation after being back in classes for 2 weeks. – michael t