The Floor

Sunday July 6th, 2008

Spent the day rolling on polyurethane with Brant today. What a back-breaker that is. We got about halfway done and we’re high as hell from the oil base fumes, and not a good high I might add. We decided to finish up on Wednesday. Soon, soon, soon this place will be ready. After the floor is done I can get started on art. Once I save up some more money I can build the walls but I’m not gonna hold out for them.

Moving in really drained me. With the first month’s rent, full deposit, business insurance ($150 each per year), some here’s and there’s for the studio as well as just having payed my final month on my old studio, my meager saving are gone. And now my cat Sappho has a huge bladder stone that will cost $1500 to $1700 to take out. Ugh!

Speaking of her vet visit, it was really crazy seeing her x-rays. She was loaded with poop like someone smuggling sausage links over the border. Man there’s a lot of room in there…

  • Elizabeth Upon

    Ahem, Gimme Lean sausages? Though, I guess as long as she’s not “Full of Grace” any momma should be proud.

  • Ellen Upton

    That’s tough about your cat. Liz sent me an email about it too. I know you showed us about photo doctoring and I think I most of the step memorized but can you please write them down for me when you have time? You have helped me alot. We soooo enjoyed seeing you two! Tah!