Ready to Work

Thursday July 24th, 2008

Studio with Photoshopped Wall

I Photoshopped the the wall in there for now. I really can’t wait to build it but I wanna get some stuff started. I don’t actually need it yet anyway. Soon though.

I’m also going to build a new table as this one is on it’s last leg (none intended). I built it in 1999 and the middle is starting to sag like an old horse. My friend Sally has a sweet table that I’m going to emulate.

I have a couple of starter drawings on the table that were begun before the move. I found that I really like synthetic tar. It has a lot of the thick qualities I’ve been looking for. It’s pretty fecal looking also, which is good and bad. I’ll post some in-progress work soon.

  • Nice Photo … that fake wall really pops! Sally said she had the blueprints for the table designed by her architect … did she send them to you yet? If not, you should email her.