Studio Move

Sunday June 8th, 2008

View Looking South

Moved into a new studio this weekend with a guy named Brant Lavalla that I met via I’m really excited and exhausted (long work week as well). The guy in the picture is the building manager, Mark. He’s standing on the side I chose, divided by the 2 pillars in the center.

The place looks pretty clean but lemmie tell ya, it’s way dirty inside, pigeon feathers and just general city dust. Spent some time today setting things up. Bought a shop vac and started vacuuming all the corners and sills on my side. Brant and I decided to polyurethane the floor so I thought I’d try to mop the floor in preparation. After getting about 50 ft2 mopped my bucket was black, and the hose to refill it is up a flight of stairs. So I called it a day.

Which leads me to the water issue. We have bathrooms right outside our door but no sink inside. Brant says he can drill through the floor to pick up the line below and our landlords says it’s cool. We just have to let the guy below know. Hopefully it won’t be an issue. For now, the hose up the stairs on the roof will do. And oh yeah, the roof is huge! With a gorgeous view of the city. I’ll get pic of that up here soon.

So the big reason I can afford this is twofold. A studiomate to share the rent (1870 ft2 @ $1137.50 per month / 2 = 935 ft2 @ $568.75) and the fact that it is on skid row in east downtown LA. I’m used to being in rough areas but this is much worse. What makes it doable is that it’s mostly homeless people who pretty much ignore me. The building is bordered on 3 sides by homeless shelters and a police station on the other side. The building also has a drive in loading dock with a garage door so you can load/unload without the fear of someone grabbing your shit. Of course, I still have to park about two blocks away and skate in.

All in all I’m ecstatic that I finally have enough space to work in at a cost I can maintain. My last space was miniature and if I made more than a peep the couple living upstairs would ask me to quiet down. That won’t be a problem here.

I’m working on were to set up walls as well.

  • becky fitzer

    Gosh you’re studio is beautiful. Maybe you ought to think about living there!!!

  • ryanfitzer

    If you knew where is was you’d see why I wouldn’t. Besides, I’m sharing with another guy. It is super nice though. So excited to get to work.

  • It’s so perfect it looks fake. I can’t believe the deal your getting. If others found out about deals like this, that neighborhood will get transformed real fast!

  • Beautiful light, you should make wonderful photographs there. Oh wait, that is my job not yours.

  • ryanfitzer

    If others found out about deals like this, that neighborhood will get transformed real fast!

    There seems to be a lot of space left. In fact, the building manager calls ours “the small one”. I looked at another that 2900 ft2.

    Beautiful light, you should make wonderful photographs there.

    I intend to. And when you come and visit, you can too!

  • Hey Ryan– wow!! that is a gorgeous space! I can’t believe the nice windows– I am glad it isn’t on the ground floor given your description of the neighborhood. By the way I’d think twice before drilling the floor– you never know what time consuming complications are waiting under there….
    anyway, congratulations on the amazing space.

  • carrie chbs

    Its so nice that I’m throwing up on myself…right now. First it was a million year old dolphin—now THIS? whats next for you two? go get a lottery ticket- now….vegas?

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