Putting Things In Place

Sunday June 22nd, 2008

Moving Things Around

View of downtown LA from the roofI’m finally out of my old studio and getting things arranged in the new space. It has been slow because of a couple of busy work weeks. Still some work to do before I can start making.

Drilling for water. The building manager says we can drill through the floor to plumb into the water pipe below. I need to price that out and get official written permission first. Brant thinks it should be pretty easy. We also have to let the guy below us know. In the meantime I have been using the hose on the roof to fill a bucket when needed and the floor bathrooms are right outside our doors.

Top of the staircase to the roofThe floor is a big issue because the dust really gets down in the unsealed cement floor. Brant and I are going to try and figure out a way to mop the floor without actually using a mop and bucket (since it really doesn’t work). I’ve looked into an autoscrubber and that might work if it’s not to expensive to rent. If we can’t do that we’re just going to polyurethane over the dirt, not really what I want to.

We’re going to put a 10′ wall between the two pillars to have a bit of privacy as well as a work wall for each of us. I’m also going to put up a cornered wall on wheels that will cover up the windows on my side. But I can always move it around if I need some light. Still not sure about this part. I might hinge it in some way instead. It feels a bit wrong to cover up the windows.

As things progress I get more and more excited…