After the Scrape-down

Friday October 26th, 2007

Untitled Painting

Untitled (in-progress) | 22 x 16 inches

This piece was started a while ago and has sat in my studio among many unfinished works. Since the move, I’ve been trying to reconcile all of this build-up to have some information to work from, failure or success.

The scape-down was necessary after a thick application a couple of weeks before. I’m more responsive to this now. The color still isn’t quite right (I liked it better before, more muted) but the effect is closer. I’ve cut out an outline as to where the main form will be moving. Looking at the original source reminded me why I liked it so much. The shape was more fragile, awkward and less balanced.


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  • Ryan,

    After watching the news for a week or so, your work Scape looks like California burning. That is just so connected in my mind to the roaring orange colors and buildings / trees destroyed.

    Great luck in CA!