Sunday September 23rd, 2007

The Studio Table Surface

The hardboard surface covering my studio table

My cats spilled a huge bucket of clay-filled water on my studio table a while ago and it created this great composition. What I like about it is that it looks more like an object than a flat shape. Reminds me of the ceramic shell gating used in casting. I usually find this part of the process more beautiful than the finished bronze. Of course, I’m not a big fan of bronze.

I was able to put some time in the studio this week. Started by reworking a painting I started a while ago. The critique that came back was that it needed more paint. So that’s what I did, added a lot more paint. Trying not to make any judgments about it yet.

It’s hard getting from idea to realization. Even harder when you lack a clear idea/vision of what finished means. In the past I’ve felt that having the most crystallized idea was the answer. The result would be exactly what I was looking for, I thought. This has produced formulaic results. What’s missing in this formula process is a philosophy regarding the obstacles that happen along the way. I’ve viewed them as just that, obstacles, rather than creative injections that can provide richer meaning to the final work.

I’m working towards a broader view as to what “finished” means. So far, absorbing obstacles into the creative process makes “finished” even harder to describe.

  • Looks like a drunk whose fallen down but kept hold of his drink.

    What kind of surface are those bright colors on. Wood?

    See you soon.