Mold Work

Saturday October 28th, 2006

{mold work} Waiting for the urethane to dry{mold work} Cast released from top half of mold

The casts are coming along nicely. So far I have had two successes. The third attempt never cured (poor mixing job). The image on the left shows the top of the mold. The aluminum foil is to keep the urethane (amber material) from sticking to the wood. On the right shows the cast after I took the wood top off. The pink is the silicone rubber face of the mold. The amber and pink look pretty beautiful/disgusting together. The next step will be to take the two casts and combine them into one (mirror image) and then make a mold of that.


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  • Nice Pics, I am always tempted to like the molds for than finished pieces, why is that?

  • I meant to say “more than” the finished work – molds are very mysterious.

  • ryanfitzer

    I have a bad tendency to take to many short-cuts when mold-making. Now that I’m confident that the materials do what they’re supposed to do, I will be able to take my time.

  • looking good! the site looks great too