Last Night’s Drawing

Friday May 22nd, 2009


Untitled | gesso, charcoal, ink on paper | forgot the dimensions

After growing a bit frustrated with the wall prosthetic I talked about in the last post, I decided to do more drawing to flush out some ideas that have built up. I tend to try to think my way through problems instead of working through them. This is usually because I can’t get to the studio. While thinking is a necessity, there is no substitute for working (in my case, at least).

Last night I finished the above drawing, started months ago. Actually, I simply put something down on paper months ago and then, last night, covered it up with what you see above. They do relate though, in that I wasn’t starting from a blank piece of paper and the resulting drawing is a reaction, in part, to what I was trying to initially make, which was very different.

Working this way feels right (drawing with wet media). The process is immediate, which is something I need after long neglecting working in the studio. It also has remnants of the instant gratification I used to get while working in clay.