It’s Not Much, But It’ll Do…

Friday February 29th, 2008

My New Studio Space - Looking InMy New Studio Space - Looking Out

Views of my new studio. Looking in and out.

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The lower point is my apt. The upper point is the studio.

I finally got a studio space! And as the title suggests, there are a few shortcomings. But really, I’m so happy to finally have a place to work. It’s 212 ft2 of bliss (50 more than my dining room!). It’s also only a five minute bike ride from my house.

Took me and E a few days to get the old studio packed up and moved in. The hardest part was/is figuring out the most logical way to cram a bunch of sh*t into a small space and still have easy access to what I need without having to move everything around each time.

I’ve just started to work and I’m already working through long standing problems that have been difficult to think through without a space to do it in.

As my close friends know, it’s not been easy to find a studio space here in Los Angeles. I visited around 4 spaces and read through hundreds of ads in Craigslist‘s commercial space section with a simple “art” keyword. The spaces were either too expensive (I’m paying $495, still way too much but it’s within my budget) or not fit to work in (lack of ventilation and no water source). One space I found was great except I had to become a member of an art collective to get the space. Not sure what an art collective is supposed to accomplish but what I basically took away was that it was about people living an “artist/creative” lifestyle. It felt more like the set of “The Real World” without all the funding. Not what I was looking for.

While the space is small it will do for now. I hope to grow out of it as soon as possible! As well as update this site with my process.

  • Nothing like a map to help people rob you! I guess this proves you have nothing to steal. Congrats on finding a place! Looks perfect to me.

  • rick "the crusher "nickel

    hey lover! Nice to see your new work
    I lOVE YOU!
    Thanks for getting me into blogs!