Marine Dioramas

Friday November 23rd, 2007

Diorama Detail | Museum of Natural History | Los Angeles

Diorama Detail | Museum of Natural History | Los Angeles

Went to the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles a while back and spent 3.5 hours taking pictures. They had to kick me out as I was still shooting after everyone left. What stuck with me most were the fish dioramas. Beautiful forms on colored backgrounds, lit from above to create a gradation similar to water.

It was inspiring to see and it definitely has a relationship to my work. If nothing else, it affirms my own vision of how I see my work progressing. There have been times when seeing something had the opposite affect.

Studio Space

I’ve come to the conclusion that my dinky dining room isn’t going to cut it for a studio space (didn’t take me very long) so I’ve started looking near downtown LA. What I need is 500-600 ft2, cement floors, lots of wall space, high ceilings (at least 9 ft) and plumbing. If you have any leads contact me.