DIY Easel

Saturday February 18th, 2006

EaselEasel detail

I’ve been needing an easel for a little while but I’ve held off because the cost, as well as the fact that it’s a dedicated piece of equipment, which doesn’t work so well in a small studio. I saw the studio of an artist in one of those architectural mags like Dwell or something and noticed their easel. It was very simple. A piece of plywood, a ledge (what the painting rests on), and four spring loaded hand clamps (the orange kind).

Easel detailI’ve had two hollow-core doors laying around for a while that I used as level-able surfaces to do my wine/coffee drawings. They weren’t doing anything but acting as a headboard for my bed (storage), so I decided to use one of them as an easel. The total cost is around $40. Door: $20 (luan works the best because of it’s smooth surface), 2 pieces of white pine measuring 1″x8″x6′: $11, and two small clamps: around $10 (I tried the hand clamps but they weren’t strong enough for what I needed). The glue and screws I already had. I’m sure you could find some shelf type of deal that would work but I needed something heavy-duty because my stretchers are covered with masonite instead of canvas. It took about a half an hour to make. Plus it has clean lines, which I like so much because I’m a design freak.

  • Not only do you have a nice easel- you just saved a girl’s week. Thanks- an easy and beautiful solution. Thanks Dwell and Ryan!

  • I really like it. I think I like it more than most $1,000+ easels that I see. I love it, and I am making one out of oak veneer plywood and I am staining the wood a muted green. I found small C-clamps that work really well for just 89 cents. But I think I am going to make a lip on the shelf so it slides over the edge of the wood and drill holes and use a bolt to hold the shelf. So it just slides up and down and put the pins in where I want the shelf. But I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Glad to hear you’re improving on the idea. Make sure to post the results and link it back here. Good Luck.

  • I was hoping to see what Melissa’s final easel looked like to see if I want to go that route. I have all of the supplies to make the version above some time this week.

  • […] than poster board, if you want a large sign you can always lean it against a tree or set it on an easel instead of holding it to shill your car […]

  • I’m going to use this design in my studio – will post when done. Do you have a photo showing it ” in service”?